Hello, my name is Robbie Hernandez, owner and senior artist of 7 Shangri-Las Art Emporium. I wanted to express to you on a personal level why this studio was opened. It’s very simple. I care about quality. I believed a place could exist where great art thrived and coexisted with real professionalism and that is what we’ve created. I encourage you to shop around. See the studios, meet the artists, review the work, and ask the questions. Then I invite you to visit us. I know you’ll see the difference and be very pleased. Thanks so much in advance for your consideration and patronage!


1. a remote paradise on earth; utopia. 2. a distant and secluded hideaway of idyllic beauty and tranquility. 3. a place regarded as an earthly paradise, especially when involving a retreat from the pressures of modern civilization. 

Shan·gri-la (shaŋ-gri-ˈlä) noun

7 Shangri-Las Art Emporium

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